Three Times Round the Witch’s Candle

I spent part of last Friday at my son’s preschool, helping him celebrate his third birthday. He walked around a lighted candle (representing the sun) three times, while I recounted highlights of each of his years. Parker loved it — Read More →

Reading Totlandia Book IV: Summer in the San Francisco Winter

I love winter in San Francisco–it’s cold enough to justify sitting in a warm cafe for hours, reading, drinking coffee, watching people catch up with old friends. Cafe-hopping (as I call it) has been my primary way of exploring this Read More →

Season’s Greetings: Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I’m not one of those people who objects to Christmas decorations appearing around Halloween, or carols hijacking my favorite radio station on the fourth Friday of November. I say, the more seasonal spirit, the better. So although Thanksgiving has yet Read More →

Happy Colilo-ween!

Instead of regular Halloween costumes this year, I thought it would be fun if we all came to work dressed as characters from our books. With the unbridled glee of a recent college grad, I sent out a cheery email, Read More →

If I Were A Wife…

Today we celebrate the launch of Holly McDowell’s Sacrificed, the tantalizing third episode of King Solomon’s Wives! Little known fact about this book: one of the new Wives is based on Lisa. It all started when Lisa very innocently said Read More →


There are moments in the life of an entrepreneur when you feel like “it” is happening — whatever your dream was when you started your company, it’s no longer a future plan or wish, but a real thing happening in Read More →