“Mind the seeds you plant, and the flowers that
you tend,” advises Aunt Maeve as she hands a
packet of magical seeds to her little niece.

From that mix of seeds sprouts a mesmerizing,
magical journey for one little girl.

Each day, the girl plants a different seed, only to see flowers bloom into botanical allegories of her own behavior. In the garden are virtues: Kindness, Hope, Generosity, Humor and Gratitude. But also failings: Fibs, Misery, Tattle Tale, Vanity and Argument. Each flower represents a quality that the little girl cultivates (or battles) within herself.

Mother and daughter authors J.C. Herz and Eve Scott take readers on a vivid, interactive adventure whose literary language and exquisite animated illustrations are deeply evocative. The narrative and imagery opens the door for even young children to reflect on their own behavior and moral choices.

The Writing Process

Illustration and Animation

The Reading Experience