Due to resource constraints, Coliloquy only accepts submissions from authors who either have representation or have previously been published by a reputable imprint. We would love to be able to read everything that comes through, but we simply cannot do so and respond in a timely fashion. As such, we rely on our network of agents to help us filter.

We accept completed single-volume manuscripts, partial drafts, and pitch letters for new series.

We’re currently focused on titles that will resonate with core ebook readers, spanning popular romance, mysteries, and thrillers, to literary and experimental fiction. We are particularly interested in genre-busters—they usually make the most interesting books, and our social media focus is particularly well-suited to titles that would traditionally be difficult to market. So if you’ve ever heard “we loved it but don’t know where to shelve it,” we want to read it.

Our current wishlist includes:

  • Popular genres that have grown stale (legal, medical, grail, and heist thrillers)
  • Interactive non-fiction
  • Middle grade / YA crossover
  • Contemporary and experimental writers interested in exploring issues of memory, point of view, and perception

Find more information on our process here.

Contact us at: editorial@coliloquy.com