Coliloquy is that unusual combination of brilliant creative thinkers, terrific communicators, and humility. They are as good at listening and evolving as they are reinventing and putting into action. – Ridley Pearson

I’m so excited about this series. Working on it, and with Coliloquy, has been pure inspirational joy! – Heidi R. Kling

We publish a limited selection of ebook titles under our Coliloquy imprint. We look for storytellers and manuscripts that can take advantage of our technology platform to breathe life into a work they couldn’t otherwise create.

Why Coliloquy?

Our technology is about freedom, creativity, and interactivity…and we’ve worked hard to shape our culture in that same mold.

Collaboration. We collaborate heavily with our authors on the front-end of their writing process to help them understand what our platform can do. For all new authors, we go through an initial working session to brainstorm which of our features would be best-suited for the work and its target audience, share best practices, play with different narrative maps, and generally provide as much support as the author needs or wants.

All of our authors work with one of our traditional editors, as well as directly with our team on narrative structure and technical constraints. They also tacitly work with their readers, who provide feedback through various engagement mechanics.

Engagement. In addition to point-of-sale data, we focus on engagement—how invested are readers in the story and its characters? What percentage finish the book? Re-read it? Single book sales are great, but in the long-run, we want readers to come back to our characters and stories—to truly engage and interact.

Current Interests

We are currently seeking middle grade and young adult manuscripts, and we are looking for a cookbook author interested in food allergies and recipe substitutions.

Due to resource constraints, Coliloquy only accepts submissions from authors who either have representation or have previously been published by a reputable imprint. We would love to be able to read everything that comes through, but we simply cannot do so and respond in a timely fashion. As such, we rely on our network of agents to help us filter.

We accept completed single-volume manuscripts, partial drafts, and pitch letters for new series.

Contact us at: