Coliloquy is a digital publisher, leveraging advances in technology to enable the next generation of interactive ebooks and reader engagement apps.

We are a team of fun-loving, creative startup people who live and thrive at the intersection of books and technology. Our goal is to use ereading and mobile technologies to create new, magical experiences for readers. Right now, that includes publishing interactive ebooks under the Coliloquy imprint and developing reader engagement apps with large media partners and leading authors. Next up? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

This is true digital publishing. Reading and writing. Re-imagined.

Our Technology

Coliloquy’s patent-pending technology platform integrates a diverse set of interactive features that can be combined for a customized experience across any mobile, web, and ereader platforms.

Interactive Ebook Engine

Our core technology is a CMS that allows us to elegantly create and publish interactive ebooks across all platforms. Interactivity includes multi-reader books, episodic or serial stories, branching narratives, voting, customization, and unlocking or locking content.

Fan Fiction App Framework

Our COPPA-compliant fan fiction framework includes user management and moderation, integration with mobile text and email, voting and text input, forum views and upvoting, and scheduling/CMS.


We collect and analyze an enormous amount of anonymized real-time data — everything from simple sales data to in-book reading behaviors and app engagement — giving us unique insights into how readers read.

GPS Location-Based App

Our treasure hunt app lets readers answer questions and go to specific locations to unlock clues. The app includes scoring and leaderboards.

Personalized Ebook Generator

Our personalization engine generates a custom ebook based on user preferences and inputs.


We support direct consumer sales, in-app purchases, and integration with all ebook and app retailers.