I’m not one of those people who objects to Christmas decorations appearing around Halloween, or carols hijacking my favorite radio station on the fourth Friday of November. I say, the more seasonal spirit, the better.

So although Thanksgiving has yet to come and go, I am happy to feast on Season’s Greetings, Kira Snyder’s latest Parish Mail short novel. When I say feast, I do mean it. Kira’s series provides a veritable cornucopia of cute boys to fall in love with—and lucky for us we can choose more than one.

The Parish Mail series begins when Celia Macarty moves to New Orleans, a playground for the weird and wonderful. Celia develops an ability to cavort with the paranormal world, and realizes that not all is what it seems in her new hometown. Celia’s best friend Tilly is a witch with a powerful connection to animals; Celia’s grandfather may or may not be in on a secret involving century-old letters; and who can forget Celia’s hear-me-roar mom, a former punk-band bass player who’s picked up and moved to the Crescent City in hopes of starting over.

But that’s not what keeps me anxiously awaiting the next installments of Kira’s books. It’s trying to decide which of Celia’s three – that’s right, three! – love interests is the boy for her. Depending on how you decide to read the books, one of a trio of handsome helpers may or may not want to deepen their relationship with our fearless, lovable Celia.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Luc lived in the nineteenth century, and now his spirit roams the New Orleans streets with only memories to keep him warm…until he meets Celia who, sensitive to Luc’s kind, can see and hear him. Luc, always the gentleman, helps Celia unravel her otherworldly mysteries–as long as it’s after dark.

Another good choice for crime-solving is Donovan Blake, a detective’s son. Donovan’s handsome in a boy-next-door way, yet there’s more to him than broad shoulders and a cute face. Donovan’s capable. He can talk himself out of trouble, strong-arm unhelpful leads, and install a car windshield. Donovan’s kiss is warm, confident, and well, hot. Added bonus points for him being alive.

But who am I kidding? There’s one kind of guy that can make a ghost boyfriend seem like a safe choice and a street-smart kid seem a little ho-hum. That’s Sloan Carver, the bad boy, rich-kid with an attitude a mile long. Sloan might not be interested in Celia’s after-school activities, but when she needs him, he’s there. Plus his angelic singing leads to un-angelic thoughts, and he isn’t afraid to get a little chippy if somebody’s giving Celia a hard time.

I realize of course that prickly Sloan isn’t for everyone. But that’s what’s so terrific about Kira’s Parish Mail stories. If an old-fashioned romantic turns your insides to goo; if, perhaps, the boy next door with the killer, dimpled smile melts your heart; if you’re like me and just can’t say no to a devilish grin, you’ll find a way to love Season’s Greetings. Because you get to pick which of Celia’s three suitors she turns to for help…and, hopefully, for a little smooching.

And if you’re just a reader who loves a good yarn, then this story’s got what you need. It’s up to Celia to give somebody she loves a holiday filled with happiness, and the only way she can do that is to figure out the cryptic meaning behind an early twentieth-century Christmas card. It’s up to you who she asks for help.

Read it all three ways if you like! And please excuse me while I go order myself a Team Sloan t-shirt.