Instead of regular Halloween costumes this year, I thought it would be fun if we all came to work dressed as characters from our books. With the unbridled glee of a recent college grad, I sent out a cheery email, helpfully including suggested character assignments.

Here’s a sampling of what I got back:

Ummm…we’re old, Kiera
NFW Waynn paints his hair pink
Wait…she really wants us to dress up? That’s adorable.
I retract my superawesome

OK, so no dressing up. But my character suggestions DID spark some extended commentary. Here’s my picks, followed by each person’s analysis.

LISA  = TILLY from Parish Mail

I was torn over my choice…I really wanted to be Nevra from KSW because she’s BASED ON ME (yes Jen, I am riding this one as long as possible). But then I would want to run around recreating her incredibly badass scene all day, and that would be HIGHLY inappropriate…

Then I thought of Lily from Spellspinners, because I understand her Northern California-ness and was lucky enough to run into my own soulmate (xx Doug) at a young age. But the whole iliac crest thing also seems inappropriate…

So I approve of Tilly — I’ve always had an unusual bond with animals and I am pretty quirky. I also need to get dressed quickly in the morning, thanks to my 2-year-old terrorist’s current early morning wake-up time, so the ease of Tilly-fying myself (black clothing + crow) is also a plus. And yes, I do have a spare crow in my attic. What – you don’t?

WAYNN = JONAH from Spellspinners

I love Jonah for 2 reasons: pink hair and hipster coffee. Ever since a miscommunication at SuperCuts caused me to go an entire summer in college looking uncomfortably close to a white supremacist (even though I’m Asian…and not a supremacist), I’ve been curious about other hairstyles and colors. Pink hair would go great with the unofficial Shirt.Woot of Coliloquy in a Christmas-y kind of way. And everyone at the company already knows my affinity for awesome coffee spots, even if I can’t tell the difference between any of the coffees…

JEN = JJ from Getting Dumped

I do dream about one day leaving my desk job to crush garbage with a 150,000 pound machine. And a hard hat, overalls and general grunge construction wear would be so much more comfortable than the corporate clothing shenanigans that Lisa and Waynn insist that we all wear so we look “professional”. As for other ways I’m like JJ…

  1. I love to cook.
  2. With the exception of my husbie, I have generally and previously had questionable taste in men (luckily none of them turned out exactly like Daniel).
  3. I too have drunk weird teas in Chinese restaurants.
  4. I have used choice points to figure out who to call while in crisis.

The best part about being JJ? Blue Cat!

AIMEE = TARYN from Georgetown Academy

It would be an absolute dream to walk into my closet and come out looking like Brinley or Ellie, however I have to admit that I have absolutely nothing in common with either of these fashionistas, so I’m going to have to pass on being a GTA socialite for the day.

However, I definitely think I could pull off being Taryn. Not only do I love her bohemian style and laid back attitude, I can also relate to her being a California girl & snowboarder! Both of which are near and dear to my heart!  There are very few things in this world that I enjoy more than strapping on my snowboard and hitting the slopes.

SHAYAN = JACK from Game. Set. Match.

I’m down with Jack, mostly because I think I already have the costume taken care of. I’ve been trying to play tennis off and on since I was 11, so I’ve collected the tennis balls, racket, wristbands, sunglasses and short shorts to pull it off. As an added bonus, I even went to Harvard *cough* summer school *cough*.

KIERA = BRINLEY from Georgetown Academy

Personality aside, I’d want to go as Brinley and dress up in a fabulous outfit. We get to expense our costumes, right?! I’m also uber competitive, but I’m working on it.

MELANIE = LENORE, Tilly’s raven in Parish Mail

Oh, I like this. I’ll fly in from New Jersey and sit on Lisa’s shoulder. Unless you’ll let me be one of Sloan’s girlfriends from Parish Mail…