KingSolomon1875x2500Today we celebrate the launch of Holly McDowell’s Sacrificed, the tantalizing third episode of King Solomon’s Wives! Little known fact about this book: one of the new Wives is based on Lisa.

It all started when Lisa very innocently said that she would never survive as a Wife because her tolerance for risk was too high: “I fear that I would be dead already…my comfort with risk is way too high, so I’m pretty sure I would have been doomed centuries ago.” Her comment inspired Holly to create Nevra, the “Lisa” character in King Solomon’s Wives: Sacrificed. Which, of course, pleased Lisa to no end and has made her utterly insufferable for the past few months – though I do have to admit that Nevra has one of the most badass scenes EVER (Note: Lisa made me put this line in).

But now that Nevra is making her official launch day debut, the rest of Coliloquy HQ is ready to audition to be a Wife in a future episode. So I interviewed everyone and asked a few simple questions:

  • What kind of Wife would you be?

  • What would be the hardest part about being a Wife?

  • What would be the best part?

  • What would you do with your addictive touch?

Here are the results:


My favorite Wife is Dilara. I know she’s an antagonist, but she’s tough and practical, and she has an unselfish reason for [almost] everything she does. Plus? She’s fun to write. I also like that she has a serious vulnerability; every time she sees her secret girlfriend, her strictness melts away. 

If I were a Wife, I’d be like Pasha. She’s creative—a musician—and wants to use her talents to engage with the outside world. But Wives aren’t allowed to, of course. They’re not supposed to even keep diaries, much less publish poetry or perform songs they’ve written. Most Wives believe the only way they can endure past death is to give birth to a daughter. Pasha has other ideas.

There are plenty of bad things about being a Wife (the early death, the inability to get close to an outsider, hiding from Hunters). But I would *love* to have my ancestors’ memories. I love studying history so much, I wouldn’t mind that part of the curse.


I would be the quiet but sneaky Wife. Who am I kidding…if I live only to 24, I would delude myself into believing that the man I’d choose would be Bernahu and together we would save the Wives. But in reality, I’d end up choosing someone like Jonah.  

And the hardest part of being a Wife? All the rules. No relationships outside of the clan? Sacrifice yourself for your daughter at the age of 24? I wouldn’t last long and would likely run away or be imprisoned. Or run away and THEN be imprisoned. The flashbacks might be tough too, especially if they happen while I’m watching Law & Order.  

The best part would be the Sisterhood. Being surrounded by a variety of strong, independent women—I’d see different models on how to be and then I’d choose wisely. Also sharing clothes would be pretty awesome.  

I would use my addictive touch to touch all baby animals, and then be sad that my addictive touch doesn’t work on them. And then I might use my touch for good (hey, not like that!) and touch all the depraved people on Earth, have them follow me when I turn 24, lock them in a compound on a deserted island to deal with the withdrawal. Though I’m pretty sure this would backfire on me.


As I’ve already mentioned, I’m pretty sure I would have died a few centuries ago…for good or bad, I’ve always been comfortable managing a higher level of risk than most people. In today’s tech age, that makes me a good entrepreneur, but I doubt historic times would have been so kind.

The best part of being a Wife? I know everyone else is going to say lovey dovey things about community and relationships, but let’s get real: I LOVE candy corn. LOVE it. But I don’t eat it because I know it is bad for me. But if I was going to die at 25? I would eat candy corn every day.


I thought really hard about the kind of Wife I would be because I think how you react depends a lot on the stimulus with which you are faced. In that sense, I would be a combination of all of them. If I were in love, I would act like Sonya or if I had to give my life to protect my own, my inner Sumarra would surface. For the protection of the clan I think I would try to maintain the order and vigilance expected of us sisters, but would also find ways to change the system that keeps down the same members it claims to protect. So, a bit like Dilara then.

The hardest part about being a Wife—Inflicting punishment on my own for simply being human.

And the best part: Having access to the treasure that is the wisdom and experience of my mothers before me. And being motivated enough to think beyond the immediate danger to what we can use this treasure for the betterment of the clan as a whole.

What would I do with addictive touch? I would camp outside Daniel Craig’s home until I could get one solid moment of contact. Or Adam Levine. Maybe both.


Due to severe jet lag, Waynn gave us (Lisa and Jen) full consent to answer on his behalf.

Waynn would be the watcher Wife. He’d know where everyone else was at all times.

The hardest part about being a Wife is twofold for security/location purposes they wouldn’t allow Waynn to: 1. order t-shirts from and 2. Waynn couldn’t post photos of all the yummy food he’s eaten (in this life or in his previous ones).

With addictive touch? Waynn would secretly touch people, stroking them gently. Most likely targets: Blue Bottle coffee baristas.


I would create a startup and use my powers of touch to convince/force the best engineers and business minds to join my company and make it wildly successful. If the idea doesn’t work out, I can sue everyone for sexual harassment and collect the insurance money.


I’m similar to Sonya—not nearly as selfless as Sumarra and not as ambitious as Dilara. I imagine I’d get frustrated by the rules/isolation and would run away.

What would be the hardest part about being a Wife?  Living with women all the time! Actually being childless/dying for your child is worse—I don’t know why that didn’t come to mind earlier.

The best part would be going back in time through memories; understanding your ancestors’ emotions and thoughts.

I’d use my addictive touch to start a restaurant! I love to cook and with my addictive touch (I’d allow some of my chemicals to go into the food), I’d beat the awful food industry odds.


I would definitely be a rebellious Wife, like Sumarra, and especially if my leader was a bossypants like Dilara. I fear that I’d end up locked in the prison room with Esme. Or on the run like Sonya. Because following rules made up three thousand years earlier is really, really a bummer when you could be out with your Sisters making memories to pass down to your daughters and their daughters!

The best part? Definitely the travel. And having lived through famous world events. See above about making memories.

I couldn’t think about what to do with my addictive touch, then saw Kaamna’s answer and realized that I’d totally sneak into Daniel Craig’s house before she could get to him. 

For those of you who haven’t laid a finger on any of the enthralling King Solomon’s Wives episodes, it’s your lucky day! In addition to the release of King Solomon’s Wives: Sacrificed, we’ve also released Books I-III in a single volume. So go dive into the rich history of these beautifully depicted Wives and let us know what kind of Wife you’d be.