There are moments in the life of an entrepreneur when you feel like “it” is Great Panty Caperhappening — whatever your dream was when you started your company, it’s no longer a future plan or wish, but a real thing happening in the present.

When Waynn and I founded Coliloquy, our whole goal was to create something TOTALLY AWESOME AND FUN.  An intangible, all-capitalized expression of extraordinariness. A dash of surprise and happiness. Maybe not exactly how Webster defined it, but I think you get it.

The cause of today’s “it” moment is our release of Tawna Fenske’s THE GREAT PANTY CAPER, a new novella starring JJ, Lori, and everyone’s favorite, Blue Cat.

Everything about THE GREAT PANTY CAPER is “it” for me: The story and writing is Tawna at her absolute best, the cover is the perfect blend of whimsy and sexy, and the “making of” publisher outtakes include two of my favorite email/chat conversations ever:

Colilo-Chat Transcript, 8/22/13

lisa rutherford: hola @waynn! @jen and I have a question

waynn lue: ?

lisa rutherford: we want to ask Tawna to take a photo of Blue Cat with panties on his head. Is it weird to ask her to take a photo of her panties

[long pause]

jen lou: it’s for a book cover concept

waynn lue: oh thank god.

lisa rutherford: lol

waynn lue: just don’t specify that they are HER panties and I think you’re OK.


Emails, 8/23/13 – 8/24/13

from Jen: Tawna! We were wondering if you have, or could take, a photo of Blue Cat with panties on his head — Like “catbra.png” but with panties on the head. Not to be confused with panties on his face (see “catpantyface.png”), we definitely don’t want that.

from Tawna: Surprisingly, I do not currently have any photos of Blue Cat wearing my panties on his head. I do, however, have easy access to panties, Blue Cat, and a professional photographer who happens to share my home and my cats (though not my panties). I’m copying my gentleman friend on this message. It’s partly to see if he might be willing to take a photo, and partly so I have a witness to verify that you’re all insane. I mean that in a spirit of love and admiration.

from Jen: Why, hello Tawna’s gentleman friend, we’re sorry to hear that Tawna does not share her panties with you. Lisa’s directive was “Give him a pair of panties and see what he does with it.” It’s unclear to me if “him” refers to your gentleman friend or Blue Cat.

from Melanie: I am always amazed at the threads waiting for me when I’m gone a few hours.

from Tawna: Blue Cat was not amused. Incidentally, there are phrases you don’t imagine yourself uttering when you first sign a book deal. Things like, “Come here, Blue Cat, the publisher just asked for a photo of you with panties on your head.”

We’re also taking advantage of THE GREAT PANTY CAPER’s launch to re-release GETTING DUMPED as a single volume. And just because we love you, we’ve bundled THE GREAT PANTY CAPER in for a limited time only.

So go get some TOTAL AWESOME FUNNESS and enjoy a little vacation from the real world.  Between the questionable male neckwear, naming Lori’s new “emergency kit”, and everything Blue Cat-related, I predict you’ll keep your poor sweet husband awake all night (sorry Doug).