Please welcome Brooke Muschott to the Coliloquy blog! Brooke works with Coliloquy, Disney, and Ridley Pearson on the Kingdom Keepers Insider series and recently went on a little road trip with Lisa to So Cal…

I am fortunate to be able to say, with one-hundred percent conviction, that I love my job.

When I was invited on a business trip to the D23 Expo, the “Ultimate Disney Fan Convention” in Anaheim, CA, as part of my work with Kingdom Keepers Insider, the answer was an instant and enthusiastic “Yes!” (there may have been some jumping up and down involved). A weekend of Kingdom Keepers? Count me in!

I am still waiting for my head to stop spinning a week after the Expo’s end, and I have to remind myself that it wasn’t all just a dream, but it is clear to me that I learned a few things along the way…

A lot of the things we learn in school do have a real world use. Critical thinking skills? Yep. Proper grammar? Definitely. The physics concept that force equals mass times acceleration? Strangely enough, yes, especially when you’re on the Mad Tea Party ride. (Though I’m still skeptical about the Pythagorean theorem…)

But in the real world, you don’t need to raise your hand before speaking. In fact, this hand raising habit that is cultivated in students from the first day of kindergarten through high school graduation gets you absolutely nowhere in the “real world.” Speak up if you have something to contribute to a discussion. During a dinner conversation, all my raised hand got me was strange looks (and cricket noises).

Fangirling happens—You just have to roll with it. Working for Ridley, Coliloquy, and Disney, I’ve met some pretty amazing people over the years. But D23 was still pretty special for me, both in terms of who I met, and how casual those conversations were. At first, I tried to remain entirely cool and collected, but by the end, I decided that calm, friendly, and honest was the way to go.

Ridley Pearson is still amazing (and contagious) with a cold. He might have been feeling under the weather, but you never would have guessed it when he presented. Though I think Lisa and Tim are still a little peeved about catching his cold.

Fandom is relative. I consider myself a fully dedicated (my family would argue “obsessive”) Disney nerd. I have made a Rapunzel costume, I can recite the entire narration of the Haunted Mansion (including the Spanish safety spiel), and I have the entire soundtrack to multiple Disney movies on my iPod. However, when I stepped through the doors of the Anaheim Convention Center last weekend, I was awed by the attendees. Not only had people camped out the night before, but they were also dressed up in elaborate costumes as characters so obscure I had never even heard of them.

Everything is better while wearing a tiara. After dinner one night, Lisa and I went into Disneyland, still in our dinner dress, and remedied our lack of a costume by purchasing a much needed tiara. We found the little shop in New Orleans Square with no fewer than two dozen tiaras for sale, sitting on a shelf in all their glittering, girly glory, and proceeded to try on every tiara in the store. Finding the perfect tiara is more difficult than I’d anticipated; not too big, not too small, one that doesn’t make your head look pointy… It’s an art. But once we were tiara-d, we were unstoppable, visiting every Kingdom Keepers VII site in the parks and “living la vida eighteen” as Lisa put it.

Did I mention I love my job?