A careful blog reader asked if I died on 4/2, referencing last year’s mysterious post-it note. While it absolutely made my day to know that someone out there noticed my blogging absence, it was also a good kick in the pants to write about the new project that’s been keeping me busy: Kingdom Keepers Insider.


KKI is an interactive app and web experience that lets readers of the Kingdom Keepers book series follow along as author Ridley Pearson writes the seventh and final book in the series. You can find it on the web at www.kingdomkeepersinsider.com or as an app for your iOSAndroidKindle, or NOOK devices.

Every 10 days for the next four(ish) months, Ridley (who is nicer than pie, btw) posts a new chapter outline with requests for “Insider Input” – everything from voting on plot points to contributing actual descriptions and dialogue to be used in the final book, which will be published by Disney in 2014.

Yes, you read that right – Ridley is letting kids help with the final book! And everyone whose writing is chosen will be mentioned. Coliloquy’s involvement aside, let’s all marvel for a second at how awesome it is to see a large publisher and bestselling author doing something like this for kids. 

In addition, we’re running fan fiction contests around prior books, and Ridley has given us access to his vault of secret “behind-the-scenes” footage, so we’ll be sharing a bunch of exclusives, as well.

We just finished the first month of KKI, and the response has been overwhelming. If you’re a teacher or parent, just go check out the volume and quality of the fan fiction entries – these kids are amazing writers!

For Team Coliloquy, it’s been a blast to work on our first middle grade property, and we take great pride in the creative work that went into making it a safe and protected environment for the kids.

So check it out and get your kids writing. Or enter yourself…we promise not to tell!