The Gleaning by Heidi R. Kling

The Gleaning by Heidi R. Kling

Witches, warlocks, dark and light forces, and a few flames of teenage lust – that’s what bestselling YA author Heidi R. Kling is serving up in the Spellspinners of Melas County active fiction series.

Twilight lovers will be enthralled by The Gleaning, the second installment of the Spellspinners saga, where someone powerful is determined to keep our starcrossed lovers Lily and Logan apart. Even at the cost of their lives.

Using Coliloquy’s interactive technology platform Heidi offers readers the choice of paths: light or dark. Lily and Logan know they each have special powers that set them apart from their clans but will they use them for creation, or to destroy life as they know it?

Heidi also employs a little technological trickery to draw you closer into the story, as if you’re experiencing,  through your own eyes, Lily and Logan’s fight to stay together, and to stay alive.

In The Gleaning, Heidi also doubles the hot factor with Jude and a complex plot of underhanded and suspicious motives. The lesson: love is an enduring connection between two souls and beauty is only skin deep. If even.

The Spellspinners series is a touching love story that will keep you enthralled with its conflicted characters, enchanting storyline and awesome interactive features. Download it here today.