I just finished the second book of the Arcania series, Dark Fuel -Trial by Fire 2.  I went straight from 1 to 2 because I couldn’t wait till the book was actually released today (the perks of being the book’s publisher).

Dark Fuel, Book 2 of the Arcania series by Liz Maverick

Dark Fuel, Book 2 of the Arcania series by Liz Maverick

Can I just say that I am Adia? Or that all of us are. Inside every one of us is a person who is called upon to tap into his or her latent powers to overcome a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle in our path. No question it’s harder for women  – we are more sensitive, more insecure and more likely to doubt ourselves in arenas that are not considered our areas of expertise (Hyde, 2004). Nobody told Adia a battlefield is not considered a woman’s domain. Her fight is hot. She shoots firebolts, even when her aim is dubious at best, to make her point. That’s a lesson I want to teach my daughter: give it a shot, literally.

It’s all refreshing that in the world of Arcania, the key role of spellcaster or mage is played by women almost exclusively. Goes back to the question of whether our own sphere, Earth, would be in better shape if it were run by women. But that’s a whole other debate I don’t have the time for today.

I am not a feminist per se. I think men and women both add equal value in the world, but seeing women exert their mental and physical strength like Adia in Arcania totally turns me on. Oh, the boys are hot too.

Liz Maverick‘s master storytelling is enhanced by Coliloquy’s interactive technology. Readers can take a quiz to identify which of the four skill classes they identify best with and follow the story from that unique perspective. But unlike in real life, you can go back and choose again if you don’t like what comes up. Utterly liberating. Plus there are features that are just plain cool, like disappearing text that make you feel like you are right there…

Dark Fuel is up for all platforms today and is worth a download. If you haven’t read Trial by Fire, you need to get on that too.