What makes sex hot? A libido on the verge of internal combustion at every single touch point.

I am like a sexual faucet, hot or cold. I can’t work the middle. If something in the environment disagrees with my energy, it’s mission aborted. I’m tough like that.

Women like me, seven years married, with kids, careers, pilates, have no time for improvisation. I want pleasure to be easily accessible and served up straight, ideally in bed with a glass of champagne and a foot massage.

Enter Entwined.

Coliloquy’s newest release gives women like me what we want. Exactly what we want. Entwined brings together four award-winning erotica authors in a masterpiece of collaboration: one author sets up the story and the other writers offer different pathways triggered ¬†reader choice. Want romantic Irish countryside frolicking? We got it. Want to travel back in time to bang your high-school crush? We got that too.

I read the time travel fracture twice, and my husband bought me a very expensive gift that week (insert correlation hypothesis here).

Entwined exists because women of my generation know what we want and will settle for nothing less. So if Christian Grey was never your color, you will find something that is in Entwined.

When you are done, join our Entwined community and write your own fantasy. You can invite your friends, share it with a significant other, vote on tales you like, and even have a chance to be published in the next volume. Nothing more satisfying than sharing the love. Unless it’s multiple orgasms.

For inspiration check out the Entwined Pinterest page. (NSFW!).

To celebrate the launch of Entwined we are giving away free copies of the book to the first 20 people that write their own fractures. 

Did you hear that? Free erotica!

What are you waiting for? Get Entwined!