Welcome to another edition of He Said/She Said, where (against strong objections from our PR team), Waynn and I blog one of our actual office conversations.

Today’s Topic: Colilove

Waynn: I love what [redacted name*] and [redacted name*] are working on.

Lisa: I know. They seemed to really hit it off…OMG what if they got married?!

Waynn: You would probably get to officiate.

Lisa: OMG. I am so excited.

Waynn: Wait. I wasn’t serious.

Lisa: Can I ask them if they’re interested in each other?

Waynn: Absolutely not.

Lisa: What if I just tell one that the other is single?

Waynn: No.

Lisa: I could tell [name redacted]’s mom about [name redacted]. We’re Facebook friends.

Waynn: Worst idea ever.

Lisa: Really? I mean, what’s the harm?

Waynn: Gee, you make them uncomfortable? Or one does, in fact, like the other, but it isn’t reciprocated. And then one gets depressed. Bad for business.

Lisa: You know, Waynn, it isn’t always about the bottom line for me.

(two minutes pass)

Waynn: What are you doing?

Lisa: Nothing.

Waynn: Let me see your monitor.

Lisa: No.

Waynn: Seriously. Turn your monitor.

Lisa: I promise I’m not writing them…I’m just writing ABOUT them…

*redacted names of two of our authors/editors/engineers/designers. We really can’t get any more specific than that for hopefully obvious reasons.