It’s the eve of Thankgiving and after 14 years in this country I still can’t get down with cranberry sauce. It’s sweet, it’s tart, and frankly it makes me a little nauseous. Blame it on the Indian genetic make-up I guess. Maybe if I learned to cook it, or added some garam masala.

What I am into though is the idea of giving thanks, or at least the reminder to carve out a few moments on one day in the year to take stock of your life and think, “hey, maybe this is not so bad after all”. (Yes, I am a pessimist and perhaps even an alcoholic, my glass is perpetually half empty).

So in the American tradition of giving thanks, I present today eleven things I am grateful for in my life:

1. The Clipper card that has enabled me to stop borrowing dollar bills from my colleagues at 1pm every day and to board the bus home with dignity and the condescension of a regular commuter.

2. My son’s preschool best friend who drops the f-bomb once a week and makes my potty mouth seem acceptable.

3. Tom Ford and the Daniel Craig Bond suit .

4. My mother who calls me every day to complain that she doesn’t talk to me enough.

5. Control tummy underwear that clips to your bra to eliminate the small roll that emerges above the big one you were trying to conceal in the first place.

6. My almost four year-old who likes to sleep with his nose to my cheek.

7. HipChat – Enuff said.

8. My dance school because even the tiniest hip roll can shake off the bitchiest sister, mother-in-law or boss email. Imagine what the really big ones can do!

9. Direct TV so I now have access to 24 hour Bollywood videos  and inane gossip.

10. My sixteen-month old daughter who genuinely believes the world revolves around her making me look considerate and selfless.

10. My shoe guy at Neiman Marcus (What? It’s better than having an affair!)


There ya have it! Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us here at Coliloquy!