Earlier this summer, our very own Jennifer Lou got married to Alex Ko. Completely inexplicably, Jennifer didn’t ask Waynn and Lisa to give speeches, so instead, we decided to memorialize our actual conversations during the wedding for a very special Wedding Edition of He Said/She Said.

Today’s Topic: Jennifer + Alex

Lisa: OMG. I can’t believe I’m an hour late and nothing has happened.
Waynn: I know. I drove 140mph to sit in the hot sun and send text messages.
Lisa: Why aren’t you talking to her? (points to pretty girl) Or her? (more pointing)
Waynn: Stop pointing.
Lisa: Or her?
Waynn: Seriously. Stop pointing.
Lisa: You’re right. She wore high heels to a wedding in an apple orchard. Clearly not smart enough for you.

Lisa: (looking at program guide) Why is Pac-Man on all of Jen’s wedding stuff?
Waynn: Because Pac-Man’s cool. Who wouldn’t want him on their wedding program?
Lisa: It’s almost like Alex is eating her. And not in a good way. More like a “you are my woman now” (grunt) sort of way.
Waynn: Pac-Man doesn’t grunt, he gobbles. He makes that “wokka-wokka-wokka” sound.
Lisa: Good point. Maybe he’s gobbling her up?
Waynn: That’s really depressing. Don’t you love being married?
Lisa: I do! But Doug would never gobble me.
Waynn: Maybe he doesn’t like Pac-Man enough.

Lisa: Her vows totally kicked his vows asses.
Waynn: But she’s a writer. He’s a designer. And not everyone can be a designer, Lisa.

Waynn: Is this duck or chicken?
Lisa: Duck. Chicken. Duck.
Waynn: Duck.
Lisa: Delicious duck.
Waynn: Mmm…

Waynn: Why didn’t you bring Parker?
Lisa: See those little boys playing in the sprinkler?
Waynn: Yes.
Lisa: See the pained expression on their moms’ faces?
Waynn: Yes.
Lisa: What expression is on my face?
Waynn: Um…tipsy serenity?
Lisa: Precisely.

Lisa: Um, is the maid of honor really telling a story about driving drunk across the United States?
Waynn: Yup.
Lisa: When you get married, can I give a speech?
Waynn: What would you say?
Lisa: I would sing “Waynn is the best cofounder”
Waynn: No.

Lisa: Is her dad really singing Sunshine on My Shoulders?

Waynn: Yes.
Lisa: Ha! Serves her right for asking him to speak and not us.
Waynn: Maybe she also really likes John Denver.

Lisa: If we ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like Jennifer.
Waynn: You know you’re leaning on your cofounder and not your husband right now, right?
Lisa: Yes! And OUR daughter would totally be Jennifer!
Waynn: You can’t put that in our blog post. People will take it the wrong way. And by people, I mean Doug.
Lisa: Don’t worry, Doug isn’t threatened by you.
Waynn: Good. Wait…Not even a little?
Lisa: You should take that the best way possible.
Waynn: Oh, I do.