I often use my husband as the perfect example of why customized erotica books are particularly compelling. Doug is 6’4″ with red hair, but if I want to read about a hero who looks anything like him, my only hope is a historical novel that involves kilts and ends with man-on-man action and body betrayal (aka Outlander).

The rationale is that most women just aren’t interested in redheads, and I must admit that the early data from our customized erotica series, Great Escapes, supports this  — Only 8% of readers customize their male heroes to have red hair.

All that changed a few weeks ago. Ever since Prince Harry’s naked Vegas romp, more of our readers have had gingers on their minds. In Great Escapes, you can basically program your own Prince Harry – red hair, tall, athletic build, british accent – a combo that had previously been chosen a whopping … well, let’s just say it’s in the low single digit percentages.

But in the past three weeks, red hair has tripled in popularity over any other 3-week period, and our Prince Harry prototype is suddenly all the rage.

Add in Damian Lewis of Homeland and Michael C. Hall of Dexter, and it might just be time for a ginger renaissance!