One of the major frustrations for authors and agents is how to get the attention of publishers. Because our process is somewhat unique, we thought it would be helpful to blog “best practices” about the authors we ended up signing.

Tip #2: Tell Us What Needs Work

We receive manuscript submissions at all stages of the writing process. Some of our stories come to us as fully-fledged, finished products that have already been picked apart by whole teams of editors and re-written dozens of times. Others come to us as vague but compelling ideas whose authors have only begun the process of putting them onto paper. Most submissions fall somewhere in the middle.

One of the biggest helps you can give us is to tell us, bluntly and honestly, where you are in the writing process, and what you think needs work. Underdeveloped characters? A massive logic flaw that you can’t quite figure out how to fix? 150,000 extra words? None of those scare us, as long as the author is on board with finding a fix.

By telling us what you’re struggling with, you put us in a better position to evaluate your submission at its proper stage and determine whether or not it is a good fit. Thoughtful analysis also shows a level of self-awareness that gives us confidence in your ability to workshop, revise, and edit. We understand that writing is a process, so don’t stress too hard about being perfect. Help us out, and give your book the best possible chance of getting published! The more you can tell us, the more we can do for you.