One of the programming languages we use here at Coliloquy is Java, which was originally marketed by Sun Microsystems asĀ “write once, run anywhere”. At the time, the idea of allowing developers to write a program and not worry about what underlying systems were supported was revolutionary — as long as they could support Java, they could run the program.

That’s exactly how I feel about getting our authors’ books out to our readers. I want everyone to be able to read what we’ve published, however they want to, on whichever device they own. It’s especially important to me given recent news in the publishing world. Seth Godin just had his book rejected from iBooks because it had links to purchase buttons on Amazon. Smashwords has had to censor certain content due to pressure from PayPal (though it looks like there’s some potential gray area).

John Gilmore, the founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has a great quote, “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” By being on as many platforms as possible, Coliloquy content should be accessible to people regardless of place, platform, or device — and we’ll have more exciting announcements in the weeks and months ahead specifically around that. Keep watching this space!