Welcome to another edition of He Said/She Said, where (against strong objections from our PR team), Waynn and I blog one of our actual office conversations.

Today’s Topic: Roofies and White Girl Rap

Lisa: If you go to a roofie party and someone has sex with you, is it rape? You clearly can’t give consent at the time of sex, but did you give consent by ingesting a roofie at the roofie party?

Waynn: So everyone take a roofie?

Lisa: (double-checks the internet) Yes.

Waynn:  I think it’s consent.

Lisa: Ain’t nothin’ but a roofie par-ty par-ty…Ain’t nothin’ but a roofie…

Waynn: You should not rap.

Lisa: Not even white girl rap, Kreayshawn style?

Waynn: Your version of white girl rap is more Kei$ha than Kreayshawn.

Lisa: So not true! I have swag.

Waynn: No. You have a  startup and a baby, and you live in Palo Alto.

Lisa: Assclown! Look at Beyonce.

Waynn: You are not Beyonce.

Lisa: True, but I bet she can’t rap any better than me. Scenario: You are making a rap record and you have to have Kreayshawn or Beyonce do a  verse. Who do you pick?

Waynn: See, now you are trying to make me seem racist. No matter who I pick, it just doesn’t go over well.

Lisa: You could always pick me.

Waynn: [silence]

Lisa: You wound me, Waynn.