We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful response to our launch announcement! Some of our favorite comments from around the web:

Best Pronunciation Guide 

courtesy of Tricia-wa: These look cool! I’m trying out sound that name out… Col-il-o-quee. Like soliloquy but not? Cool 😛

Funniest Description of How Our Name Makes People Feel

Oh, Drew BowlingAnd in case their name makes your butt itch, the odd spelling is intentional. They explain: “We created ‘coliloquy’ as a portmanteau of soliloquy and colloquy.”  Should we send Preparation H?

Favorite Endorsement

Sarah Kessler wrote: As a writer and book lover, it’s one of the only ebook “innovations” that hasn’t somewhat offended me. 

Waynn’s Favorite Quote

Jon Mitchell called Waynn “noble”: Coliloquy is a bold use of Kindle technology, but I’m more intrigued by its implications for storytelling itself. “This isn’t about replacing books,” Lue says. “It’s about expanding the canon.” That’s a noble objective.  We will never hear the end of it!

Nicest Milestone

We were Anthony Ha’s first article for TechCrunch! Though Lisa wants to be clear that Anthony is the one who thinks Bella should have gone with Jacob.

Globalization at its Finest

We’re in Japanese! And Canadian!



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