One of the major frustrations for authors and agents is how to get the attention of publishers. Because our process is somewhat unique, we thought it would be helpful to blog “best practices” from authors who we ended up signing.

Tip #1 We really like to meet authors in person or over skype.

Because we serialize fiction, we think about our acquisitions process as less about acquiring manuscripts and more about signing authors. Why the difference? Well, a successful serial could go on for a long time, and the publishing cycles can be faster and more frequent. As such, we put a high priority on authors who we think will enjoy working with our entire team. For us, the best way to evaluate that fit is to talk. Yes, it’s a tad out of the ordinary, but so are we, and it’s important for both the authors and our editors to feel comfortable with each other.  We look for a collaborative and straightforward approach, interest in how the overall company works, and a good cydia tweak to see private instagram attitude.