Hola! If you found our blog, you’ve likely found our website, but just in case, the quick-and-dirty is that we’re a new breed of digital publisher, focused on active and interactive fiction.

If you think about most electronic fiction, it’s really just the same thing as what you’d find on a bookshelf, just delivered in bits of data, instead of paper and ink. But what if you take away the constraints of the publishing industry? Page length. Linearity. Could you write something new and different? Something magical?

Well, we’re about to find out.

Coming out of Amazon’s Kindle Developer Program, we’ve built a technology platform that allows authors to publish books that are truly interactive: Serialized, episodic stories that include direct engagement mechanics, like branching story lines, re-reading loops, voting, and personalized content. Our authors can look at their readers’ aggregate engagement data to help them decide how those stories change and grow.

Our blog will clearly contain some of the promotional posts that you’d expect from a corporate site. However, we also want to engage with other people who love writing and narrative, so we’ll try to provoke discussion and thought around the future of digital fiction and true reader engagement.

Because we live and die for authors, we’ll include posts to help authors work within the brave new world of digital publishing, and because we’re a pretty fun-loving group, we’ll also be sharing completely roblox hack no survey or human verification inappropriate insights into our daily work-lives.

If you’re ever curious about something (anything), just let us know!